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2019/09/16-20 Fruitful Trip to ION GNSS+, Miami, Florida, US.

Dr Li-Ta Hsu is selected as one of the Peer Reviewers Recognized with Bouquets* of Red Pencils on ION GNSS+ 2019

* The individuals were recognized as people who demonstrated outstanding contributions to the Institute this past year in their role as a peer reviewer who selflessly provided quality and timely reviews when called upon to do so.

Mr. Guohao Zhang’s paper “3D Mapping Aided GNSS-Base Cooperative Positioning Using Factor Graph Optimization” is awarded the Best Student Paper Award (1 of 4 in year 2019) in ION GNSS+ 2019.

Mr. Hoi-Fung (Ivan) NG’s paper “GNSS NLOS Pseudorange Correction based on Skymask for Smartphone Applications” presented by Dr Li-Ta Hsu won the Best Presentation Award in the session of Applications of Raw GNSS Measurements from Smartphones in ION GNSS+ 2019.

Dr Li-Ta Hsu serves as the session co-chair on the session Navigation in Urban Environments in ION GNSS+ 2019.

Dr Qian Meng, Mr Guohao Zhang and Dr Li-Ta Hsu joined the trip.

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