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2019/10/06 Dr LT Hsu gives a comment self-driving cars reported by South China Morning Post

Dr Li-Ta Hsu gives a comment on the next challenge of self-driving cars during the interview with the South China Morning Post (SMCP) reporter, Tracy Qu. The article is reporting a startup company focusing on the autonomous driving and titled "This German start-up tackles the next challenge in self-driving cars: anticipating unpredictable human behaviour."

The link:

Dr Li-Ta Hsu gives a comment that he learnt from Dr Ramsey Faragher who is a founder and CEO of Focal Point Positioning Ltd.

The abstracted report is given below:

“A human behaviour data set will be a great aid in the current development phase of self-driving cars,” said Li-Ta Hsu, assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, whose research work includes autonomous driving. “People spend [their first] 18 years learning social rules to be able to pass a driving test. Current autonomous cars don’t have that level of social understanding.”

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