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2019/11/18 Dr Li-Ta Hsu is now a topic editor in MDPI Sensors Journal

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Dr Li-Ta Hsu is invited to be a topic editor in Sensors published by MDPI.

The main of responsibilities of Topic Editors are:

1. Setting up at least one Special Issue (SI) over two years in the journal and proposing a detailed strategy plan for the SI (including soliciting papers, promoting the SI, etc.);

2. Promoting the journal during conferences (adding 1-2 slides into your presentation, distributing flyers, recommending the journal to your colleagues, etc.);

3. Providing support for the Special Issues on topics related to your expertise or when the guest editor(s) is not available, including SI promotion via social media, pre-checking new submissions, making decisions, and giving advice on some scientific cases, etc.

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